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Unleashing the Power of Volunteer: TomoWork's Annual Event Celebrates 5 Years of Impact 4 in 5 Achieve Employment after TomoWork Flagship Programme

Singapore, 6 June 2024 — TomoWork, a charitable non-profit organisation in Singapore, marked its 5th-anniversary celebration with its annual gathering and fundraising event, Tomo Day 2024 at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). This annual event showcased the success of its initiatives, particularly the Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP), which saw four in five of its graduates achieve gainful employment.

A big gathering of Talent Explorer Program participants, TomoWork staff, and business partners are seated in the auditorium, cheering to the camera. Around 40 persons are featured.

TomoWork Conducted Its 1st Annual General Meeting

Embracing a Progressive Management Approach: Accelerating Activities with Unwavering Commitment to Transparent Governance

Singapore, 4 August 2023 – TomoWork, a non-profit organisation in Singapore, has announced the successful completion of its 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) under the chairmanship of Joel Leong, PBM, Board Chairperson.

The key agenda of the 1st AGM included the following:

  • Adoption of the 1st Financial Audited Statement
  • Re-election of Directors

In line with TomoWork’s strategy to enrich our corporate governance and diverse operations effectively, we are delighted to officially announce the addition of 5 distinguished professionals appointed to the Board of Directors.

Launch of FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND Education Award in Singapore for Students with Special Educational Needs by TomoWork

Singapore, 30 May 2023 – TomoWork, a non-profit organisation and Charity in Singapore, has announced the launch of the Talent Uplift Programme (TUP), the Education Award for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) designed to support those who come from lower income families and are pursuing their academic goals in a public or private institute of higher learning in Singapore.

This is the first of its kind Education Award in Singapore, which encourages students with SEN to pursue their studies, without it being based on their academic performance. Every year, TomoWork will provide an Education Award of $4,000 to a maximum of 10 students with SEN.

TUP was launched after two gentlemen and one lady dressed in formal suits clicked a button. Behind them is a slide with the large TomoWork logo.

Special Educational Needs Students to Gain More Employment Opportunities Through Joint Polytechnic-ITE Partnership With Tomowork

Singapore, 3 April 2023 – ITE and all five Polytechnics in Singapore and TomoWork will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to deliver impactful programmes for students and graduates with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The collaboration will provide career training and opportunities for young aspiring students who are interested in roles that are in demand upon graduation. This partnership is aligned with the Enabling MasterPlan 2030, which sets out the vision for Singapore to become an inclusive society and increasing the employment rate of persons with disabilities to 40% in 2030. 

Students from five polytechnics showcased their creativity at a corporate ideation challenge

Participants of the Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) learnt about careers in digital marketing, sustainability and human resources

SINGAPORE, 29 September 2022 – As part of a two-week career exploration programme, 35 students with special educational needs (SEN) across all five local polytechnics pitched their innovative ideas to a group of industry panellists. By participating in the second Talent Explorer Programme (TEP), student participants gained a better understanding of the opportunities available in high-demand professions within the areas of digital marketing, human resource and sustainability.

Held in a hybrid format from 19 to 29 September, this year’s edition of the TEP is jointly organised by Republic Polytechnic (RP), Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and charity organisation TomoWork.

A big gathering of Talent Explorer Program participants, TomoWork staff, and business partners are seated in the auditorium, cheering to the camera. Around 40 persons are featured.
Group photo with foodpanda stakeholders, project facilitator Ms. Pepper See, and Mr. Eric Chua.

More Employers Ready to Support Persons with Disabilities from Polytechnics

Singapore, 1 June 2022 – More employers are ready to provide learning opportunities for polytechnic graduates with disabilities and special needs. The second year of the Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP), which helps persons with disabilities and special needs transit from school to work, sees more than 10 well-known corporate brands participating in the training programme.

Sumitomo Life Insurance and Temasek Polytechnic Run Inaugural Talent Explorer Programme for Persons with Disabilities across all Polytechnics and the ITE

Singapore, 29th September 2021 – Following the very successful run of a digital talent accelerator programme earlier this year, Sumitomo Life Insurance (Sumitomo Life) and Temasek Polytechnic (TP) have now opened the programme to persons with disabilities (PWDs) from all local polytechnics and the Institute Technical of Education (ITE), across all academic years. From physical and sensory disabilities, to autism spectrum disorder and learning disabilities, this revamped programme has attracted 60 participants!

Called the Talent Explorer Programme (TEP), the programme provides opportunities for PWD to explore jobs and careers in high-demand sectors beyond their areas of study. They acquire hands-on, practical skills, engage in conversations with industry professionals, and learn the fundamentals of relevant job skills required in high-demand sectors in Singapore.

The launching of TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme. Featuring Peter Lam and Tan Hwee Hoon from Temasek Polytechnic and Toru Shiomitsu and Mike Momota from Sumitomo Life Insurance
Mr Peter Lam & Ms Sun Xue Ling are displaying the signed MOU from Temasek Polytechnic, while Mr Toru Shiomitsu presents the signed MOU from Sumitomo Life Insurance through the screen.

Sumitomo Life Insurance and Temasek Polytechnic join hands in delivering Singapore’s first-of-its-kind Digital Talent Accelerator dedicated to Persons with Disabilities.

Singapore, 24th March 2021 – Sumitomo Life Insurance (Sumitomo Life) and Temasek Polytechnic (TP) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to launch a digital talent accelerator programme dedicated to persons with disabilities (PWDs). The MOU was signed by Mr. Peter Lam, Principal & CEO of TP, and Mr. Toru Shiomitsu, Senior Executive Officer of Sumitomo Life, witnessed by Guest-of-Honour, Ms. Sun Xueling, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social & Family Development.