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APB Foundation scholarship recipients (from left) Matthew Ng, Nicolette Koh and William Tay.

The Straits Times. Published on 19 Oct 2022.

3 young S’poreans with disabilities receive APB Foundation scholarship to further their education

Congratulations to Matthew Ng, our 2022 TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme graduate, for receiving the Asian Pacific Breweries (APB) Foundation Scholarship! Despite fine motor challenges, your determination to improve your physical fitness, graduate from Temasek Polytechnic, and pursue further studies in Computer Science exemplifies how limitations can be turned into opportunities.

TomoWork remains committed to contributing to Singapore’s efforts to create an inclusive learning ecosystem with private and public sectors so that more students with Special Educational Needs can reach their full potential and live out their aspirations!

Polytechnic students with disabilities gain job skills with career programme

For its second edition, the TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP) linked students with companies such as Foodpanda, Unilever and Sembcorp Industries, where the participants helmed projects that improved operational efficiency and made products or services more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Mr Xavier Chung, 24, a recent graduate from Republic Polytechnic who has autism, said the programme gave him a boost of confidence. “In addition to acquiring fundamental knowledge such as digital skills, TAP also provided opportunities to develop soft skills that enhanced my employability.”

Graduates from Temasek Polytechnic (TP) who took part in the project last year said it was a stepping stone to practise their skills before pursuing employment and higher studies. Mr Marcus Tan, 26, who has cerebral palsy, was offered employment by Certis after the TAP initiative last year. He joined the company after graduating from his IT course at TP.

The Straits Times. Published on 1 June 2022.

The Straits Times. Published on 12 Oct 2021.

60 polytechnic, ITE students with disabilities gain job skills in career programme

“I hope to be able to make a difference, big or small, in the lives of others”. Aspiring to be a lawyer & to give back to society, Temasek Polytechnic student Cheng Ewe-Hsuen took a talent management track in the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme to understand more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Gareth Chua, a similarly enthusiastic Institute Technical of Education student, chose the digital analytics track to further develop what he had learnt in school.

Through the corporate sharing & mentoring sessions provided in this programme, 60 participants from various institutions were able to explore emerging professions in the #FutureOfWork & gained valuable insights to further their personal & professional growth. On top of that, this programme offered a unique experience where students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Singapore could form a close-knitted community that shared similar lived experiences. Quoting Gareth, “It was a good experience & I got to meet other special needs students from other schools. I made some great friends.”

Program pacu bakat digital tingkat kemahiran baru dalam diri pelajar kurang upaya

“It’s important to see the world from a different perspective & learn how to empathise with others”. In this article, our graduate Nur Sabrina binte Suhaimi shared how she found her calling to overcome the stigma of people with disabilities by maximising her abilities through the TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme. 

Sabrina also expressed her excitement on how this programme provided equal opportunities to each individual to sharpen their technical skills & carve out their career paths amidst the pandemic. To chase her aspiration of being a graphic & UI/UX designer, she polished her digital design skills through online courses & gained valuable experiences from her corporate project for a multinational company. With these newly acquired skills that built up her confidence, Sabrina aims to gain further experiences & prosper in the creative industry.  

BERITA HARIAN. Published on 26 May 2021.

TODAY. Published on 17 Apr 2021.

Bullied by peers, student with cerebral palsy gained confidence through horse riding, school leadership roles

“Having a disability is not an excuse to not do anything” is a motto that Alina Seow, a participant of Tomowork’s Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP), lives by to persevere & achieve her life goals despite being bullied because of her disabilities.

Having experienced similar hardships, fellow participant Rayner Teo found his confidence with the support from Temasek Polytechnic’s Special Education Needs (SEN) office & his classmates with & without disabilities. Through the programme’s digital focus, he is working towards his aspirations of being an investment banker & future hedge fund manager.

淡马锡理工数码人才加速培训计划 帮助残障者掌握数码行业软硬技能

Richard Wang (王宏泽) planned to enhance his value proposition to employers through the digital marketing & data visualisation courses that are fully sponsored. For the first month of the programme, he acquired new skills such as crafting an effective resume & perfecting how to pitch one’s self to prospective employers. Alina Seow (萧玉婷) echoed similar motivations, seeking to build on her communications & teamwork skills under the guidance of project facilitators & TomoWork’s valued corporate partners.  

This article also highlighted the accessibility arrangements provided by TomoWork such as a hybrid programme schedule to accommodate participants with mobility needs & a transparent face shield to aid lipreading by participants who are hard of hearing. 

Zaobao. Published on 4 April 2021.

The Straits Times. Published on 24 Mar 2021.

Temasek Polytechnic and Sumitomo Life launch digital upskilling programme for persons with disabilities

One of our TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP) participants Mansor Ali did not let his vision loss interrupt his life. He continued looking for job opportunities & when the chance arose, decided to pursue a new career path through TomoWork’s Talent Accelerator Programme.

Another TAP participant Richard Wang also shared that his experience discussing the real business challenge with the corporate partner was an eye-opening & exhilarating experience in the journey thus far.