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Everyone deserves an equal employment opportunity to succeed and thrive in the future of work

TomoWork recognises that individuals with disabilities and/or tailored assistance may encounter distinctive obstacles in their pursuit of equitable employment opportunities. For this reason, we provide high-impact programmes that offer a safe and inclusive environment where you can explore your career interests, acquire knowledge, skills, and experience relevant to your professional growth and success in today’s rapidly changing job market. 

Take your first confident step on your career journey alongside like-minded individuals who share similar goals and life experiences!

The Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP)

The Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP) is our flagship initiative, specially curated for Polytechnic students who are graduating or have recently graduated. This 11-12 week programme, held annually in March, offers you a 360-degree approach to thrive in any work environment by providing the opportunity to acquire in-demand skills and experience that companies are actively seeking, and earn certification for top skills. You will also have access to mentorship and job search assistance through TomoWork’s extensive partner ecosystem.

The Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) for POLITE

A big gathering of Talent Explorer Program participants, TomoWork staff, and business partners are seated in the auditorium, cheering to the camera. Around 40 persons are featured.

The Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) for POLITE is a brief yet enjoyable opportunity for ITE and Polytechnic students to initiate their career exploration before graduation. This two-week programme, held annually in September, offers you valuable insights into the future job market, including identifying top career paths and in-demand skills necessary for success. Through TEP, you can gain early exposure to the world of work, pinpoint what you need to prepare for your career goals, and take the first step towards a successful career journey.

The Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) for University

The Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) for University is your passport to a world of possibilities. This newly launched 5-day exploratory programme is designed for undergraduates with tailored assistance in Singapore, offering an unparalleled opportunity to ignite your career ambitions, broaden your horizons, and propel yourself toward success.

The Talent Uplift Programme (TUP)

Talent Uplift Programme (TUP) is the Education Award for students with Special Educational Needs designed to support those who come from lower-income families and are pursuing their academic goals at the Institute of higher learning in Singapore. Besides the Education Award of $4,000 given out in 2 tranches, we provide mentorship sessions by our corporate partners and employment opportunities after their graduation.

The Talent On-Demand Programme (TOP)

Talent On-Demand Programme (TOP) is the programme that trains students with Special Educational Needs to gain an in-demand skillset through partnerships with corporate partners in providing lessons that will lead to certification.