August 2023 Media Release

TomoWork Conducted Its 1st Annual General Meeting

Embracing a Progressive Management Approach: Accelerating Activities with Unwavering Commitment to Transparent Governance

Singapore, 4 August 2023 – TomoWork, a non-profit organisation in Singapore, has announced the successful completion of its 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) under the chairmanship of Joel Leong, PBM, Board Chairperson.

The key agenda of the 1st AGM included the following:

  • Adoption of the 1st Financial Audited Statement: The Financial Audited Statement for the Financial Year ended 31st March 2023 was received and adopted by members.
  • Re-election of Directors: The following Directors retired in accordance with the Company’s Constitution and were re-elected as Directors of the TomoWork:
    • Joel Leong, PBM
    • Yvonne Huang
    • Makito Momota, Mike

In line with TomoWork’s strategy to enrich our corporate governance and diverse operations effectively, we are delighted to officially announce the addition of 5 distinguished professionals appointed to the Board of Directors. The new Directors will bring a wealth of experience and expertise in various domains, which will undoubtedly enrich TomoWork’s decision-making processes and improvement on our corporate governance.

  • Chay Yiowmin, PBM
  • Goh Jia Hao, James, PBM
  • Kwek Pei Xuan
  • Teh Chee Yang
  • Thambyrajah T, Rajah, PBS

For the latest our member detail, please visit our website https://tomowork.org/about-us/.

Makito Momota, Mike, Managing Board Director, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are thrilled to have successfully concluded our inaugural Annual General Meeting. Since our entity’s establishment in October 2021, we have dedicated substantial efforts to fortifying our governance structure, leading to the establishment of efficient Board Committees in March 2023, responsible for overseeing and managing the diverse operations of TomoWork. Our newly appointed Board of Directors brings with them a wealth of experience and active involvement at the forefront of the industry. I am confident that their expertise will greatly accelerate our efforts to enhance our activities and work towards early accreditation to IPC (Institutions of a Public Character) status.”

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About TomoWork

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“Tomo” means friends in Japanese, representing a closely knitted global community coming together to empower the differently-abled community in improving their quality of life. Established in 2019, TomoWork is a registered charity in Singapore (Aug 2022).

We envision a world where there is equitable opportunity for the disadvantaged so that they can live with dignity and feels a sense of belonging to society. We believe that being gainfully employed is the best way to improve dignity and quality of life and what sets TomoWork apart is its ability to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, forming an inclusive ecosystem that generates meaningful outcomes for Persons With Disabilities. Within this ecosystem, students with Special Educational Needs remain connected even after their graduation from our programme through initiatives aimed at fostering mutual support and facilitating the advancement of their careers. For more information, please visit https://tomowork.org

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