September 2022 Press Release

Students from five polytechnics showcased their creativity at a corporate ideation challenge

Participants of the Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) learnt about careers in digital marketing, sustainability and human resources

SINGAPORE, 29 September 2022 – As part of a two-week career exploration programme, 35 students with special educational needs (SEN) across all five local polytechnics pitched their innovative ideas to a group of industry panellists. By participating in the second Talent Explorer Programme (TEP), student participants gained a better understanding of the opportunities available in high-demand professions within the areas of digital marketing, human resource and sustainability.

Held in a hybrid format from 19 to 29 September, this year’s edition of the TEP is jointly organised by Republic Polytechnic (RP), Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and charity organisation TomoWork.

This year marks the first time RP is partnering with TomoWork and TP to host the programme. Mr Ashley Chua, Senior Director, Student Services, Republic Polytechnic said, “We are delighted to partner TomoWork and TP in this meaningful endeavour. The TEP is well positioned to serve as a platform that connects students with SEN with our corporate partners through a range of learning engagements and networking opportunities. Students will then be primed to tap on these opportunities, pursue their passion and develop themselves professionally through this programme.”

Mr Samuel Wee, Director, Student Support & Career Services, Temasek Polytechnic said, “We have enjoyed a good partnership with TomoWork with the Talent Accelerator Programme and the TEP since its inaugural run with TP in 2021. Curated programmes such as TEP provide safe learning spaces for our students with SEN to explore highly valued careers and build friendships with peers across different polytechnics. This year, we are excited to extend our partnership with TomoWork and RP through this meaningful initiative, to support our students in early career exploration and their self-discovery to grow vital skills for the future of work.”

Mr Mike Momota, CEO of TomoWork said, “We are pleased to have successfully completed the second run of the TEP. With the second week of the programme held in person at RP, the TEP was made possible by the cross-sector collaboration of all polytechnics, corporate partners, and volunteer mentors. It is also heartening to see participants from last year’s edition joining us again. Our TEP is a testament to how the public and private sectors can collaborate to foster a more inclusive society.

During the first week, participants attended half-day crash courses on the fundamentals of digital marketing, sustainability and human resources. They were introduced to the concepts, skills, and career opportunities of leading companies in their respective sectors. Students were also able to speak, learn, and network with professionals from industry leaders such as Bloomberg, Google, and Sembcorp Industries.

In the second week of the TEP, students had the chance to participate in a four-day ideation challenge. Working in groups of three, they showcased their creativity in solving business problems provided by the event’s sponsors across the three disciplines.

The top six teams of the ideation challenge walked away with cash prizes and exclusive merchandise from the event’s corporate partners. They can also visit one of the corporate sponsor’s offices for a day and enjoy preferential entry into TomoWork’s flagship Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP).

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