the Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) logo in purple and yellow. There are some doodles around the words to emphasise the fun aspect of this programme.

Ready to embark on a role-play game with the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) where career explorations and friendships intertwine?

TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) is a 5-day introductory programme designed for Polytechnic/ITE students with accommodation needs to explore and grow in the following areas:

  1. Explore careers and industries in growth sectors.
  2. Learn about professional workplace behaviour.
  3. Exercise creativity to solve work challenges in teams.
  4. Network with peers across institutions.

During the programme, experience the role as a trainee in our role-play game, ‘Careers of Tomorrow’. You will get to experience:

  • Workplace: Crash Course on professional workplace behaviour and business functions.
  • Upskilling : Crash courses on growing industries sponsored by leading MNCs.
  • Sprint Challenge: Practice solving work business challenges with the opportunity to win attractive prizes.
  • Join a life-long inclusive community to support your professional and personal growth: Learn about school-to-work transition experience from TomoWork alumnus and ask any burning questions that will help you with your transition.

At the heart of this enthralling game...

TomoWork is a renowned consulting and training company celebrated for its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Every day, we find ourselves facing innovative challenges from our esteemed partners in various industries. But this demand is not a barrier – it’s an invitation!

We are looking for 50-60 passionate students who are keen to prepare themselves for the workforce and learn about the future of work through a role-play game, in an inclusive environment, at the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme (TEP). 

Programme Schedule (Mon - Wed)


You will undergo a 3-day transformation, arming yourself with the knowledge and skills for the grand finale. Get ready for a remarkable array of enhancements that await you:

Programme Schedule (Thurs - Fri)


On the last two days, you will work with your ‘colleagues’  in teams to solve a work brief in the form of a Sprint Challenge.
Use the knowledge you have gained from the crash courses and beyond to design solutions.

Join a team of 3 or 4 fellow ‘colleagues’ as you choose your path:

A card, with a data graph on an Ipad and a trophy at the side. Text: data analytics challenge.
A card, with a laptop with earth displayed on the screen and a trophy at the side. Text: digital marketing & sustainability challenge.

Winners will receive a team prize/bonus of $300! Finalists will get priority placement to the next chapter of growth in our star flagship programme, TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP).

Backing Your Journey

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Applications are now closed!

If you still have any questions about the programme application or have difficulty accessing content, please contact enquiry@tomowork.org. TomoWork strives to provide the content you need in the format you require.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About TEP

Who are the esteemed partners?
Bloomberg, Google and Williams Sonoma, will be joining you in this year's game play.
Who is eligible for this programme?
We welcome ITE and Polytechnic students with the following disability types: physical disabilities, visual impairment, deafness/hard of hearing, autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Dyslexia.
I am an ITE/Polytechnic student, but I do not have any Special Educational Needs (SEN). Can I apply?
The September 2023 TEP is exclusively open to ITE and Polytechnic students with SEN.
I am an undergraduate student or ITE/Polytechnic alumni, but I have Special Educational Needs (SEN). Can I still apply?
Unfortunately, the September 2023 TEP is exclusively open to ITE and Polytechnic students with SEN. However, if you are looking for upskilling, you may be eligible for our flagship TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme this upcoming March!
What accessibility accommodations are available?
We will tailor accommodations based on the needs of the students who are onboarding. Please provide as many specific details as possible regarding your requirements in the application form. For example, if you are deaf/hard of hearing, preferential seating and closed captioning are needed.
Is there a minimum attendance requirement for the programme?
Yes, you are expected to attend at least 80% of the programme.
Will there be any fees for this programme?
No, this programme is entirely free for all TEP participants!