Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Are there any prerequisites or certifications required for entry into this programme?
No, you are welcome to apply for this programme as long as you are a local Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or Polytechnic student with Special Educational Needs (SEN) with a keen interest to broaden your horizon. Recent graduates within the last two years are also welcome.
Will I be admitted into the programme if I am enrolling in university or enlisting for National Service?
Yes, you may apply as long as you are able to commit to the programme hours. Do indicate details of your university enrolment or National Service enlistment in the application form, if any.
Am I eligible for this programme if I do not have any Special Educational Needs (SEN)?
This run of the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme is only open to Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Polytechnic students and recent graduates with SEN.
I am an alumni with Special Educational Needs (SEN) that is no longer studying in Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or Polytechnic. Am I eligible for this programme?
Yes, you may apply. Do note that priority placement will be given to current ITE and Polytechnic students, as well as recent graduates within the last two years.
I am not an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or Polytechnic student, but I have Special Educational Needs (SEN). Can I apply?
The September 2022 Talent Explorer Programme is exclusively for ITE and Polytechnic students with SEN. However, please get in touch with our staff at hello@hideandseek.work to indicate your interest.


Is there a minimum attendance requirement for the programme?
Yes, all participants are expected to attend at least 90% of the sessions in the programme curriculum.
Can I take time off from the programme for medical appointments?
Yes, please let us know in advance. We will grant your leave if you inform us in advance and provide documentation of your medical appointments.
Can I withdraw from the programme midway?
We would like to avoid such situations and only consider withdrawals on a case-by-case basis. Please do inform us if you have conflicting planned commitments.


Do I need a laptop for the programme?
Yes. A personal laptop with a webcam is required for the programme. Should you need assistance in securing one, please approach the programme coordinator & we will try our best to loan you one for the duration of the programme.