1st Batch of TEP for University

Witness the impactful outcomes of the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) for University, held at the National University of Singapore (NUS) šŸš€ You can find the transformative journey and newfound confidence of our participants šŸŽ“

Heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners, including Bloomberg, Citibank, City Development Limited (CDL), and MSD, for their invaluable support in ensuring the success of TEP for University. šŸ™ŒšŸ½šŸ¤ Collaborating with diverse corporate partners, we made it possible to provide exceptional learning experiences for our programme participants.

the Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) logo in purple and yellow. There are some doodles around the words to emphasise the fun aspect of this programme.

Get Ahead in Your Career Journey with the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme (TEP)

Are you a university student looking to make informed decisions for your career path? The TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) for University is your passport to a world of possibilities. Our 5-day exploratory programme, held atĀ National University of Singapore (NUS) from 6 December 2023 (Wed) until 12 December 2023 (Tue),Ā  is designed for undergraduates with tailored assistance in Singapore, offering an unparalleled opportunity to ignite your career ambitions, broaden your horizons, and propel yourself toward success.

We are inviting a selected 30 university students with a growth mindset who are keen on staying updated on industry trends, expanding their network with leading corporates, all in an inclusive learning environment at TEP.

Here’s what you can gain:

  1. Explore Thriving Careers and Work Industries with Leading Organisations:Ā Dive into growth sectors through crash courses and discover job roles and career opportunities in leading corporates & beyond.
  2. Join Exclusive Corporate Visits:Ā Learn from our esteemed corporate partners about their work, environment, and work culture through exclusive corporate visits.
  3. Learn Directly from Corporate Professionals:Ā Gain valuable insights into daily work life and school-to-work transition tips. Hear about how PWD professionals navigate their accommodation needs at the workplace.
  4. Get talent-spotted through the 1.5-day Sprint Challenge:Ā Collaborate with your peers in teams to creatively solve real work challenges, sponsored by our corporate partners. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes including priority interviews for Internships.
  5. Expand Your Network:Ā Connect with our corporate partners and students from other universities.
  6. Be part of an inclusive community:Ā Become part of a lifelong, inclusive community that supports your professional and personal growth.

about Tomowork's explorer programme


We launched the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme (TEP) in 2021 to address the need of a career exploratory programme for tertiary students in the ever-evolving work landscape. Informed decisions can only be made when equip with knowledge in current context. This is where we come in to tailor our programme content and opportunities that help university students like you youā€™re your career exploration and readiness.

Programme Schedule (Day1 - Day3)

  • Orientation & Onboarding: Get oriented to the programme and meet your fellow colleagues (participants) and supervisors (facilitators).
  • Explore Job Roles & Functions: Learn about the different job roles and functions through a card game.
  • Crash Courses: Be introduced to topics on Sustainability, Digital Marketing, and Data Analytics and learn more about the work and job roles available in leading organisations.
  • Department Game: Role play as an executive to tackle a work assignment in teams.
  • Fireside Chat with University Alumnus: Hear from our distinguished speakers, including a Nominated Member of Parliament about their school-to-work journey and how they navigated their accommodation needs at the workplace.
  • Corporate Visits: Join exclusive office tours at LinkedIn, City Developments Limited )CDL), Bloomberg, and more and experience the real working environments of leading corporates.Ā 

Programme Schedule (Day4 - Day5)

  • 1.5-day Sprint Challenge: Practice working in teams to tackle real work challenges sponsored by leading corporates in teams of 3 or 4. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes, cash prize a total of $1,200 and more for winners
  • Networking Session: You will get the chance to network with our esteemed corporate partners from leading organisations. 

Our newly launched programme already closed the application.

If you still have any questions about the programme application or have difficulty accessing content, please contact enquiry@tomowork.org. TomoWork strives to provide the content you need in the format you require.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About TEP For University

Which corporate will be involved in the programme?
Bloomberg, LinkedIn, and City Developments Limited(CDL) will be joining this programme.
Who is eligible for this programme?
We welcome current students at the university in Singapore who have the following disability types: physical disabilities, visual impairment, deafness/hard of hearing, autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Dyslexia.
I am an ITE/Polytechnic student. Can I apply?
No, this programme is exclusive to current students at the university in Singapore.
What accessibility accommodations are available?
We will tailor accommodations based on the needs of the students who are onboarding. Please provide as many specific details as possible regarding your requirements in the application form. For example, if you are deaf/hard of hearing, preferential seating and closed captioning are needed.
Is there a minimum attendance requirement for the programme?
Yes, you are expected to attend at least 80% of the programme.
Will there be any fees for this programme?
No, this programme is entirely free for all TEP participants!