The TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme

TomoWork encourages employers to leverage on diversity in the workplace & empowers Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to achieve gainful employment. Through the Talent Accelerator Programme, we offer the opportunity for unemployed PWDs to gain a better understanding of their talents through exciting corporate-sponsored projects & curated learning experiences to secure better job opportunities in the digital sector.

After launching TomoWork in September 2019, we have completed three runs of our Talent Accelerator Programme. The most recent batch occurred from March to May 2021 & was held in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic. For more information, please click here.

Explore, Experiment and Employ!

Our Approach

During this 11-week programme, participants with disabilities looking to pursue digital roles will have access to exciting learning, mentoring & networking opportunities. On top of that, under the guidance of corporate project sponsors, participants will also be exposed to various ‘live’ projects that will provide them with critical business & work experience.

What Does This Programme Offer?

Digital Certifications

Participants of the Talent Accelerator Programme will receive access to a curated curriculum of in-demand digital skills learning courses & certifications from leading companies that will enhance one’s employability. 

These learning opportunities can make up to 20% of the accelerator, with learning costs sponsored in entirety. Current digital skill certifications include digital marketing, UI/UX design, data analytics & financial markets knowledge offered by leading companies.

Personal Development

When it comes to increasing participants’ employability, constant personal development is equally important as acquiring in-demand digital skills. Various essential sessions to develop soft skills for the workplace, such as conflict management, leadership & collaborative skills, will be conducted.

Industry Insights

Professionals from various industries will be invited to share their industry knowledge & professional advice, e.g. career strategies & required technical competencies, to participants who are aspiring to enter a specific industry. This ranges from InsurTech, data & AI to FinTech.

Career Mentorship

Mentors with & without disabilities accompanied by their varied life experiences will be matched with participants, to provide diverse insights, career exploration opportunities & better understanding on how to overcome the adversities persons with disabilities face.

Live Corporate Projects

On top of the exciting upskilling opportunities, participants will be provided with valuable work experience & have a chance to work in teams on exciting real world digital business challenges from corporate sponsors with project mentorship & guidance. This will take up to 50% of the accelerator and involve research, design & building solutions.

Find Out More!

Find out more about the programme experience at TomoWork’s Talent Accelerator Programme in the videos below!

[The activity was held in accordance with safe distancing measures & took place before Singapore’s return to Phase 2 Heightened Alert]

TomoWork x Insights

Building collaborative skills with colleagues & accepting feedback at the workplace could be challenging for fresh graduates. Through this workshop with Ms Yvonne Huang from Insights & Ms Padmashree Santosh from Dyson, recent graduates of the TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme could untangle the different communication preferences with opposing personalities & showcase how their strengths could improve the team synergy. 

Ask Me Anything!

While the programme has been focused on guiding participants through the transition from school to work, it is also about respect, mutual support & patience. In fact, the past 11 weeks have been filled with many fun & memorable experiences where everyone was free to embrace their authentic selves.

Wondering what’s the biggest challenge our participants face as persons with disabilities? What are their views on the skills everyone should have? In this video, hear six amazing participants share their thoughts & experiences with TomoWork!

TomoWork Batch 1 (September 2019)

An initiative launched in Singapore in September 2019, TomoWork was initially a two-week pilot to design a co-working space accessible for persons with disabilities. During this time, we worked with 15 persons with disabilities to develop a greater understanding of the disability landscape in Singapore, including the challenges seeking gainful employment. See what we got up to!